lunch 11:30am-2:30pm   dinner4:30pm-10:00pm


 lunch11:30am-2:30pm    dinner4:30pm-11:00pm


lunch12:00am-3:00pm   dinner3:00pm-11:00pm

Sun:  noom-9:30pm

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  • Edamame4.95 Order

    Japanese young soybean cooked in salt water

  • Gyoza5.00 Order

    pan fred japanese style pork dumplings

  • Shumai5.00 Order

    steamed shrimp dumpling

  • Vegetable Tempura5.50 Order

    Deep fried vegetable

  • Shrimp Tempura6.50 Order

    Deep fried shrimp with vegetable

  • Yakitori5.50 Order

    skewered chunks of chicken with teriyaki sauce

  • Haru maki4.95 Order

    Japanese spring roll with vegetable

  • Age Tofu4.95 Order

    Fried bean curd served with special sauce

  • Beef Negimaki 6.50 Order

    sliced beef roll with scallion in teriyaki sauce

  • Ikamaru7.95 Order

    BBQ squid with special sauce

  • Crispy Calamari6.50 Order

    Deep fried calamari

  • Chicken Fried 6.00 Order

    Japanese style deep fried ginger chicken

  • Rocky Shrimp6.50 Order

    Tempura shrimp and sweet potato with creamy sauce

  • Bacon Shrimp 7.50 Order

    Broiled shrimp & bacon w. special sauce

  • Kaisen Yaki7.95 Order

    shrimp, scallop ,fresh mushroom grilled in mayonnaise sauce

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