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  • Sushi Appetizer6.50 Order

    4pcs of sushi

  • Sashimi Appetizer9.00 Order

    6pcs of sashimi

  • Tako Su7.00 Order

    5pc of octopus w.panzu sauce

  • Yellowtail Jalapeno7.50 Order

    5pcs of yellowtail w.jalapeno served yozu sauce

  • Tuna Tataki8.00 Order

    Thinly sliced rare tuna served with panzu sauce

  • Beef Tatami7.50 Order

    Thinly sliced rare beef served with panzu sauce

  • Mango Tuna Tartar8.00 Order

    Chopped tuna and fresh mango with yozu sauce

  • Grilled Mussels6.00 Order

    Grilled half shell mussels topped with spicy mayonnaise sauce

  • Sexy Jalapeno7.50 Order

    Spict tuna,cream cheese,jalape?o fried in tempura batter

  • Salmon Carpaccio7.95 Order

    Asparagus and cilantro wrapped in salmon w.Thai chili sauce

  • Sushi Pizza10.00 Order

    Crispy fried cake,topped w.tuna,salmon,white tuna,avocado &fish egg

  • Tuna Martini10.95 Order

    Tuna white tuna mix with seaweed salad,crunch,avocado and tobiko

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